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              Since you have come to this website you no doubt have, or know someone who has, some type of TMD (TMJ) , head, neck, face, joint pain or dysfunction that has yet to be diagnosed or treated properly. I would like to introduce the philosophy of my practice and discuss the goals I have for diagnosing and treating patients with TMD and orofacial pain disorders.


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We have made our new patient forms available to you as Adobe Acrobat files. For your safety and convenience, we recommend printing and completing these forms in the comfort of your home.





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To provide a thorough "Differential Diagnosis", conservative treatment plan, expectation of treatment, prognosis and consultation to educate you, the patient, to manage your disorder independently, with as little invasive treatment as possible.  By utilizing a "Multidisciplinary" approach and a "Biopsychosocial " model I provide a comprehensive management protocol.




To enable the patient to develop multiple skills to manage pain with a conservative, non-invasive protocol to ultimately decrease pain and improve function involving the patient as an integral part of the team.


About My Practice


My practice is specifically limited to the evaluation and management of Orofacial Pain Disorders which include all stages of TMD/TMJ, all classes of headaches, neuropathic pain, sleep disorders, musculoskeletal, vascular and intra-oral pain disorders of hard and soft tissues.

Having briefly outlined the complexities of these disorders it is my hope that you will find the information you are seeking within the following pages of this website. I have included what you can expect during the initial exam as well as treatment options, location and map. For your convenience you can also find forms that you can download and fill out, an explanation of specific terms as well as an introduction of my qualification and a Curriculum Vitae outlining my publications and research. In the event that I have not answered your specific questions or for an appointment, please contact my office.


Reference: Bittar G.,Graff-Rafford SB. A retrospective study of patients with cluster headache.  Oral Med Oral Surg Oral Pathol 1992;73:519525.


Please be advised that this website is for information only and is not intended as diagnostic or to be used for treatment purposes.  Please seek professional diagnosis and treatment.